Mothagam 4 WM

Rice flour – 1 cup

Salt – ½ tsp

Coconut – ½ cup

rice flour WMJaggery (Powdered) – ¼ cup

Cardmom powder – a pinch

Water as required to form a dough

Ghee – ½ tsp



Take jaggery and water in a sauce pan and heat till it is melted. Strain and set aside.

Add the coconut and cardmom powder into the jaggery and mix well.

coconut jaggery WMHeat water in a pan add salt and and once the water starts to boil add rice flour and mix well until it becomes to a sticky dough.

Allow the dough to cool down and add ghee and make dough soft by mixing it well.

Take small portion of dough and spread it evenly in the mould.

Place the coconut filling and cover with more dough and release the mould and steam cook for 10 mints.Mothagam 3 WM