Ullijeera Dosa

kallu dosa 2 WM
In South Indian homes dosa is a staple dish.  We make many kinds of dosa and today I was searching for some new variety of dosa as i only had raw rice powder in my kitchen and no dosa batter.   So tried this thick ullijeera (shallots and jeera) dosa which came out very tasty.

kallu dosa WM


Raw Rice Powder – 2 cup

Shallots – 10

Jeera – 2 tsp




kallu dosa 4 WM


Crush shallots and jeera together well.

Mix rice powder, curshed shallots jeera mix, salt and add water and make it to a pancake batter consistency.

Heat a pan and pour the batter to the pan.

Brown both sides pouring ghee.

Ullijeera Dosa 3 WM