Pizza Appam

Pizza Appam
Appam PizzaIngredientsRaw rice – 1 ½ cups
Grated coconut – ½ cup
Cooked rice – 1 cup
Sugar – 2 tsp
Yeast – ¼ tsp

For Topping

Grated mozzarella cheese
Tomato (Finely chopped)
Olives (Finely chopped)

Soak the rice in water for 4 hours.
Place the yeast, sugar and warm water in a cup for 10 – 20 minutes till it has risen and is very frothy.
First grind the soaked rice, when half blended, add the coconut and ½ of the water then add the cooked rice and grind till it becomes smooth and then add the yeast mixture and mix well with salt and sugar.
Keep the batter for fermentation overnight.
Heat appam pan, pour a ladle full of batter and lift the pan and twirl the batter so that it spreads out in the pan in round shape.
Add the grated mozzarella cheese, finely chopped baby tomatoes and olives.
Close the lid and cook till the cheese melts and the edges will become crisp and slowly leave the sides of the pan.


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