Spring Squid Soup

springsquidsoup3 WM

Here’s another delicious soup,a clear broccoli, spring onion Squid

soup.  We always tasted broccoli soup and squid soup here’s one

together….  Because of its lovely green colour I love to call it a spring

squid soup ………………………..Try it… 


springsquidsoup2 WM


Squid rings – 100 g
Spring onion – 4 stem
Green chili -1
Broccoli- 100 g

springsquidsoup WM

Cut the green part of the spring onion and blend it with green chilies to smooth paste.

In a pan add the this paste, water and once it starts to boil add squid rings and half of the white part of the spring onion and broccoli.

Cook for 7-9 minutes and garnish with remaining white part of the spring onion.