Avakkai Pickle (Andhra Style Mango Pickle)

Avakkai Pickle (Andhra Style Mango Pickle)
Mango – 250g
Mustard Powder – 45g
Red Chill Powder – 30g
Chick peas – 2 tsp
Fenugreek Seeds – 1tsp
Salt – 55g
Oil – 50g
Avakkai Pickle (Andhra Style Mango Pickle)
Cut the mangoes into even sized pieces. Try to cut with the inner shell portion of the seed(if Possible)\
With a kitchen tissue pat dry the cut mango pieces to remove the moisture and spread them over the tissue while preparing the spices.
Dry roast the mustard seeds and allow it to cool till its warm to touch.
Grind the mustard to coarse powder.
In a bowl mix mustard powder, red chilly powder and salt (Aava Masala)
In another bowl take the oil and put a handful of mango pieces into the oil and coat each piece nicely with oil.
Put the oil coated mango pieces in the masala mix and coat with masala.
Transfer these mangoes to a dry jar spread them evenly.
Keep adding few chick peas and fenugreek seeds in between layering the mangoes.
Pour the remaining oil on top of the avakkai in the jar.
After 48 hours mix the pickle and store.

Avakkai Pickle (Andhra Style Mango Pickle)