Sabudana/ chavvary and Rava smoothie

Sabudana/ chavvary and Rava smoothie
Sabudahana Smoothi

Sabudana / Chavvary – 1 cup
Rava – 1 cup
Jelly – 1 cup
Sugar – 6 spoon
Ice cream – 1 small scoop
Food colour


Soak Sabudana / Chavvary for few hours.
Cook Sabudana / Chavvary with little water. Add sugar to it while cooking.
Cook rava separately with sugar.
Keep the cooked Sabudana / Chavvary and rava in the fridge till it becomes cool.
Make Jelly as per the instructions given.
For the first layer take small amount of rava and add green colour (or colour of your choice)
For the second layer take Sabudana / Chavvary and add blue colour.
On the top add jelly and place a small scope of ice cream.

Note: U can avoid jelly and add Sabudana / Chavvary or rava as top layer with a different colour. See More



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