Marzipan Sweets

 Homemade marzipan paste is so easy, quick and delicious…
mazpine WM

Ground Almond – 2 cups

Icing Sugar – 2 cups

Rose Water – ½ tsp

Almond Essence – ½ tsp

Food Colour – As pe the colour of the fruit

mazpine 1 WM


Mix grounded almonds and icing sugar, mix well adding the rose water and almond essence until we get a smooth consistency. If the mazpine 2 WMmixture is not the right consistency then add more icing sugar and mix well. We need to mix the dough with hand for getting the smooth paste, just like a clay.  Keep the dough tightly wrapped in a plastic wrap as it get dry fast.

To make the fruits add the food colour and essence as required and give it the shape.