Prawns Garlic Lemon Rice

prawns garlic lemon rice WM


Prawns (Cleaned)– 250 g

Rice (washed) – 1 cup

Onion (Chopped)- 1

Lemon juice – 1

Lemon Zest – ¼ tsp

Green Chilly – 3

Ginger – 1 inch

Garlic – 6

Coriander leaves – a bunch

Water – 3 cups



prawns garlic lemon rice3 WM


Heat oil in a pan and add grated ginger, garlic, chilly and chopped coriander leaves and fry.

Add chopped onion and fry till it becomes translucent

Now add lemon juice, prawns and salt.

Cook till the prawns is half done and then add the rice and mix well.

Pour the water, add lemon zest and cover and cook till rice is cooked.

prawns garlic lemon rice2 WM