Ethapazham/ Nenthra Pazham (Banana) Cream

Ethapazham/ Nenthra Pazham (Banana) Cream

Ethapazham Nenthra Pazham (Banana) Cream

Ingredients Ethapazham / Nenthra Pazham (Banana) – 1 (big) Ghee – 2 tsp Milk – ½ cup Sugar – 3 tsp Milkmaid – 5 tsp Raisins – 12- 15 Cashewnut – 10 -12 Method Cut the ethapazham / Banana. Heat a pan and add ghee. Once the ghee is hot add the ethapazham. Fry till it becomes soft and golden. Add milk and smash the ethapazham to make a paste. Add raisins, cashewnut, sugar and milkmaid and mix will till it becomes thick. Keep It in the fridge and allow it to cool


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